'Hear | See | Say Something' Reporting Form

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This 'Hear | See | Say Something' Reporting Form allows you to anonymously submit safety concerns to help someone who may hurt oneself or others. This form is adapted from the Sandy Hook Promise protocol.

By "hearing or seeing something and then saying something," you can help us and potentially save lives. Reporting observed threats and/or concerning behaviors and actions can be helpful to our school community. Here are examples of some of the most common behaviors and incidents to report (adapted from Sandy Hook Promise)
  • Acts of violence, with or without weapons
  • Bragging about weapons or a planned attack
  • Verbal or physical abuse, assault, or harassment
  • Sexual abuse, assault, or harassment
  • Threats seen on social media
  • Bullying, fighting, harassment or intimidating behaviors (Please note: There is a State-mandated process used for investigating claims of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying  [HIB]. For more information, see our HIB webpage.) 
  • Depression, anxiety, or loss of self-control
  • Hopelessness, excessive guilt or worthlessness
  • Reckless behavior, theft, and petty crimes
  • Social isolation and withdrawal
  • Substance or alcohol abuse
  • Suicide threats, cutting, or other self-harm
  • Any other troubling situation or behavior
What happens AFTER you submit this reporting form?
After you provide as much information as possible about the concern you observed, here are the next steps:
  • The superintendent and the school principal(s) will receive the reporting form.
  • The school principal(s) will enlist the assistance of other school personnel to assist, such as the school counselor and/or the psychologist and/or the social worker. 
  • If necessary and appropriate, the school administration will enlist the assistance of law enforcement.
  • If you learn any new information about the reported concern, you can come back to the web page and submit another reporting form. 
NOTE: If you choose to provide your name and/or contact information, you acknowledge that we may contact you, if necessary, to gain more information about the concern you are reporting. 
If you deliberately provide false information or use this reporting form to threaten or harass someone, you may be subject to disciplinary consequences.

If you believe that an emergency is imminent, call 911.

Thank you for helping us keep our school community safe!

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