Grades 4-8

Grades 4-8

LEAP (Gifted & Talented)

Starting in the 4th grade, qualifying students may be invited to join our pull-out, gifted and talented program, LEAP (Learning Enrichment Activities Program). Students who are identified as possessing exceptional academic talents through our evaluation process noted below will be provided the guidance, time, support, and resources to realize their academic potential. LEAP is designed to provide children with opportunities that extend and deepen the variety and complexity of students’ learning experiences. It is a wonderful opportunity for identified gifted students to take part in challenging activities and experiences that will enrich and enhance learning. Grade 4-8 LEAP students will attend weekly sessions, LEAP Lunches, or Open Lab periods. 


LEAP, Old Tappan’s gifted and talented program, provides a curriculum for qualifying students in grades 4-8. Students are identified using the Northern Valley Gifted & Talented Matrix which the following takes into account:

  • Aptitude test scores over 130 (taken universally in both 3rd and 6th grades)

  • Standardized scores in the top 10% for language arts and math 

  • Teacher evaluations from multiple educators

In order to qualify, a student must receive at least 10 matrix points. Evaluations are performed in 3rd grade for admission to 4th grade LEAP and 6th grade for admission to 7th grade LEAP. Once in the program, students do not need to be re-evaluated to continue through to 8th grade. Students new to our district in grades 4, 5, 7, and 8 will be evaluated upon their start at TBD or CDW.


Being a part of LEAP is a privilege that comes with additional workload and responsibilities beyond that of a non-LEAP student. Therefore the following expectations must be met by all LEAPsters grades 4-8:

  • Students are expected to attend all of the scheduled LEAP classes unless they are absent from school. 

  • Each student must be an active participant in all class activities and behave in an appropriate manner.

  • It is the responsibility of each student to speak with his/her subject-area teachers before attending Open LEAP Lab sessions. It is also his/her responsibility to complete any missed assignments or homework from those classes. 

  • LEAP entails additional time and organization to complete special projects. If for some reason a student feels he/she cannot fulfill the requirements of LEAP, he/she should meet with Ms. Hwang to discuss possible options.