Grades K-3

Grades K-3

Enrichment for All 

The Old Tappan Board of Education is dedicated to the idea that all students have a right to educational opportunities allowing for the full growth and development of their potential. The TBD Enrichment program in grades K-3 uses the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM), an approach successfully used not only by other schools in the Northern Valley but also over 4,000 schools worldwide. The theme of the SEM is to develop the strengths and talents of all students, provide a higher learning environment for all children, and help in identifying gifted behaviors as students approach evaluation for the gifted and talented program (LEAP) for grades 4-8. 

Mrs. Hwang, the district enrichment and LEAP teacher, will visit each K-3 classroom multiple times throughout the year to teach full-class lessons. As students approach formal evaluations in 3rd grade for our pull-out gifted program, visits/observations become more frequent. These learning situations are designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, and high-level discussions in an integrated, inductive, and real-problem-oriented manner. Classroom teachers will be present during the lessons, so appropriate extensions can be offered beyond our enrichment sessions when applicable. 

Annual Enrichment Program:

  • Kindergarten will receive up to 2 in-class lessons
  • 1st grade will receive up to 3 in-class lessons
  • 2nd grade will receive up to 3 in-class lessons
  • 3rd grade will receive up to 4 in-class lessons