• Charles DeWolf Middle School
    Faculty and Staff Directory
    This directory enables access to the CDW faculty at 201-664-1475
    Name Grade/Subject E-Mail Address Mailbox Website
    Applebaum, Sandra Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C) Applebaum@nvnet.org 1201 http://oldtappanschools.org/Applebaum
    Bambach, Maggie Math/Special Education BambachM@nvnet.org 3313 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/BambachM
    Bambach, Todd Grade 5 Social Studies/Grade 6 Math BambachT@nvnet.org 3303 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/BambachT
    Bara, Jennifer Speech BaraJ@nvnet.org 3403
    Brock, Laela Physical Education/Health BrockL@nvnet.org 3304
    Brossard, Amy Aide - Grade 6 brossard@nvnet.org
    Capilli, Matthew Grade 7 Social Studies Capilli@nvnet.org 3312 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Capilli
    Catellier, Lauren Speech catellierl@nvnet.org 3374 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Vollmin
    Clark, Jeff Grade 6 & 7 Math ClarkJ@nvnet.org 3344 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/ClarkJ
    D'Ercole, Alyssa Aide - Grade 5 d'ercolea@nvnet.org
    DeSciora, Annette Grade 8 Language Arts DeSciora@nvnet.org 3331 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/DeSciora
    Dever,Megan Grade8 SE Grade 5 LA Deverm@nvnet.org 3308
    Flannery, Donna Child Study Team Secretary Flannery@nvnet.org 1201 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/CST
    Gagliano, Stephen Grade 8 Science Gagliano@nvnet.org 3320 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Gagliano
    Gulko, Aaron Grade 5/6 Social Studies GulkoA@nvnet.org 3330 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Gulko
    Huster, Kristin Grade 6/8 Language Arts HusterK@nvnet.org 3343 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Huster
    Johnson, Daniel Grade 6 Science JohnsonDG@nvnet.org 3311 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Johnson
    Kenduck, Andrea Grade 7 Spanish Kenduck@nvnet.org 3307 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Kenduck
    Koren,Noam Leave Replacement/Gr 5 Math KorenN@nvnet.org
    Lauriello, Jennifer Grade 5 Math LaurielloJ@nvnet.org 3386 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/LaurielloJ
    Lauriello, Sabatino Student Manager Lauriello@nvnet.org 2102 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/LaurielloS
    Lewites,Abbe Supervisor of CST/Special Education LewitesA@nvnet.org 1201
    Mazzei, Rose Special Education Mazzei@nvnet.org 3397 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Mazzei
    McCarthy, Denise School Nurse Mccarthy@nvnet.org 2103 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/McCarthy
    Mueller, Kristina Grade 7 Science MuellerK@nvnet.org 3335 https://www.oldtappanschools.org/Mueller