Board meetings are held in the Board conference room at 8:00 P.M. unless otherwise noted.
Date Type of Meeting Agenda Information
5/10/2010 Work Session Agenda
5/17/2010 Work Session Agenda
5/24/2010 Regular Meeting Agenda
6/14/2010 Work Session Agenda
6/28/2010 Regular Meeting, Final Fiscal Meeting Agenda
7/19/2010 Regular Meeting Agenda
8/16/2010 Regular Meeting Agenda
9/7/2010 Work Session Agenda
9/17/2010 Special Public Meeting Agenda
9/27/2010 Regular Session Agenda
10/04/2010 Work Session Agenda
10/25/2010 Regular Meeting Agenda
11/8/2010 Work Session Agenda
11/22/2010 Regular Meeting Agenda
12/13/2010 Regular Meeting Agenda
1/11/2011 Work Session Agenda
1/24/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda
2/7/2011 Work Session Agenda
2/28/2011 Regular Meeting and Budget Meeting Agenda
3/7/2011 Work Session and Budget Meeting Agenda
3/21/2011 Regular Meeting and Budget Meeting Agenda
3/28/2011 Regular Meeting and Budget Hearing Agenda
4/4/2011 Work Session -(Special Time 6:00P.M.) Agenda
4/27/2011 Annual School Election (No Meeting) Agenda
5/2/2011 Reorganization/Regular Public Meeting Agenda
5/9/2011 Work Session Agenda
5/23/2011 Regular Meeting Agenda
6/13/2011 Work Session Agenda
6/27/2011 Regular Meeting, Final Fiscal Meeting Agenda